Research Offers Insight into Option for Vaginal Versus Cesarean Delivery

In the face of rising Cesarean section rates – including nearly all twin births, obstetrician Daniela Anne Carusi, MD, MSc, and colleagues at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) questioned whether Cesarean delivery was warranted for all twins.

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Comprehensive NICU Follow-Up Program Addresses Patient Needs, Fosters Innovation

The multidisciplinary NICU Follow-Up Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital now provides close, frequent monitoring and needed services including care for neurological development to ensure that children thriving and meeting developmental milestones. Additionally, specialists in the Program help parents navigate a transition to continued care after their baby leaves the hospital.

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Infant Brain Monitoring Brings NICU Care to New Level

In the newly expanded NICU at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, expertise in neurocritical care incorporates ongoing cerebral monitoring to assess newborns and help guide care decisions. Read More